Today I spent the day at PSII secondary school in Victoria.  This school ran primarily on inquiry based learning.  Students set their own inquiries, their own interests and their own schedule.  This school is unique and alone in the frontier of alternative education.  I use the term alternative not in the negative sense but only in that little to no other schools are taking part in this style of education.  There have been lots of studies and research into the topic about inquiry based learning and while educational Canada is resistant to the idea of this style of learning there have been several private schools that have adapted at least part of the concept.  I have personally worked at an IB league school that started with Montessori style transitioning to traditional education and finishing off grade 5 with an inquiry based term.  These students spent the a large portion of their time collaborating on a project that would sum up their learning throughout their time at the school.

This style of school is something that is new and scares most people, however the results speak for themselves.  Students are usually less stressed and more prepared for life outside the halls of an institution. hopefully one day this style of schooling will become common practice.  I also hope that one day i would be able to work in a school of this style.   Encouraged I hope to be an advocate for this style of learning in which ever school I end up teaching in.